Special Message to Voters From John TWIGG

Leader, B.C. First Party
Candidate in North Island 

Dear Voters

For people close to the current election campaign it is obvious that many people will be voting against one of the two major parties by voting for the other one, but I want them and you to know there IS a better way and that is to vote for me and for my unique and innovative platform at www.bcfirst.ca.
I offer a way people can safely vote against either or both major parties without having to vote for the other one!
Why vote for me as the leader of a little-known but venerable small party?
Because my extensive experience and strong abilities mean I can be an effective MLA regardless of which major party wins the election and especially so if there is a minority government!
I have been active in B.C. politics for 50 years and know well how the systems in Victoria work, plus I know the North Island constituency well and many of the key players and industries in it too – such as the urgent needs for more affordable public sector housing for low-income seniors, and for affordable child care for young families so parents can return to work, and for good family-supporting jobs for everyone – especially in resource industries.

Innovative Proposals

Furthermore, my unique platform contains numerous innovative ideas that if or when implemented will work wonders for B.C. as a province, for North Island as a region and for the benefit of its people and businesses – including First Nations, for whom I am proposing a new bilateral process for more quickly settling native land claims so we all can get on with much needed province-building.
My novel proposals include launching a new currency (in addition to the Canadian and U.S. dollars), reviving regional log market auctions (which would undermine America’s countervailing duties), enable a new shorter ferry crossing route (from Gabriola to YVR, which would hugely boost North Island tourism), rescuing BCIMC from foreign control and repairing BC Hydro and ICBC, exporting bulk water from surplus coastal sources (e.g. Campbell River and Port Alice), taking back jurisdiction over inshore waters and aquaculture, improving ferry services and lowering fares, and providing land for more new housing developments.
Among many other such ideas mentioned on my websites, such as lowering tuition fees and loan costs for students, creating new types of work experience positions associated with improved social services such as homecare for seniors and shut-ins.
And the new currency could be used in part to reward volunteers now providing valuable services without any pay or expense reimbursements.  I believe our goal should be to remake British Columbia into a shining example for the rest of the world of how a jurisdiction can and should be run in the best interests of all of its people, but to get that started I need your vote on Tuesday (or sooner in advance polls).
If you want more details including my full biography please see my websites www.johntwigg.com and www.bcfirst.ca or contact me directly at john@johntwigg.com or phone 778-348-0747.
Thank you in advance for your support and vote.
Campaign Office Open House Sunday and Monday 2 – 4 p.m. 1631 Island Hwy., Campbellton

www.bcfirst.ca To support the campaign call 778-348-0747
Authorized by Financial Agent John Twigg 778-348-0747