BC Platform

Policies for British Columbia

* Revive the Bank of B.C. as an investment bank (not retail) and affiliate it with revived Provincial Treasury Branches

* issue a B.C. currency alongside C$ and US$ (ask for more details re: how and why, e.g. to provide grants to volunteer workers)

* bring $100 billion BCIMC back into provincial control, transparency and public audits and shift its placements into more B.C. based projects

* enable bulk exports, by auction, of surplus fresh water (but not cross-border flows, except from Site C’s new captured runoff for NAWAPA)

* settle native land claims unilaterally with fee simple land grants to First Nation individuals and send bill for costs to Ottawa

* renegotiate B.C.’s Terms of Union, reduce equalization payments, increase B.C. representation in Senate and House of Commons

* revive regional log markets to improve values, reman access and transparent fair-market pricing vs U.S. countervails

* RFP a new ferry crossing from Gabriola Island/Vcr. Island to Iona Island and new rapid transit to YVR airport and SkyTrain station

* call public inquiries into BC Liberals’ mismanagement of BC Hydro, ICBC, IPP deals, Site C, bridge deals, giveaway of BC Rail, BCIMC activities, WCB, MMIW etc.

* increasing auditing powers inside provincial government, especially re: taxes, fees and royalty collections

* strengthen environmental monitoring, worker safety, emergency response capacity, civil defense, food security, health care

* systemic reforms of provincial and municipal political systems, including more voice for small groups and public interest

* move election date to October; move Family Day back one week; adjust Daylight Saving dates

* review road and bridge tolls, MSP premiums, school tuition fees, etc.

* create a poverty reduction plan including work experience, skills training, public works corps, social housing, social services etc.

* expand Home Care, seniors health and welfare programs, seniors housing, child care, possibly involving vacant spaces in schools

* repair under staffing in B.C. courts, correctional facilities, secure care facilities, social worker services, care aides etc.