Times Colonist writer Louise Dickson

Election Profile Questions and Answers April 20, 2017


Political party: How long have you been a member?

Off and on and off since its founding by a close friend, Roger Rocan, in the late 1980s; most recently I joined in March and instantly became Leader; previously I had been volunteering for the B.C. Conservative Party as director of policy and communications when a difference of opinion over my platform ideas I moved to a party that readily accepted all of them, namely B.C. First Party

How old are you? Where were you born?

I am 68, was born and raised in West Vancouver

Are you married? Have children? How many?

I am married to Laura and have four children and three step-children from two previous marriages

Do you live in the riding, for how long? (If not, where do you live? Do you see not living in the riding as a problem?)

I live in North Island and have done so full-time for about 15 years and have been a frequent visitor to my grandmother’s home here ever since I was born.

What is your occupation, for how long?

Independent journalist and communications consultant for about 50 years

What community groups and issues have you been involved with?

Campbellton Neighbourhood Association, urban renewal and community garden, various community business and environmental issues. Sierra Club of B.C., as co-author of the first Guidebook to the West Coast Trail

What is your political experience?

Canvassing for Pierre Trudeau Liberals in 1967-68 (before I was old enough to vote). Various public and student causes in the 1960s eg Greenpeace. Press Secretary to NDP leader Dave Barrett in the 1972 election. Press Secretary to Premier Dave Barrett 1972-75 (first one in B.C. history). I have covered many elections as a journalist, e.g. Parti Quebecois’s first breakthrough win, several notable elections in Saskatchewan and B.C. An early member of the Reform Party of Canada. Campaign manager for a Canadian Alliance candidate in Burnaby-North. Briefly leader of B.C. Refederation Party and campaign manager for a Green Party candidate in North Island (unsuccessful). Director of North Island and West Vancouver-Howe Sound NDP constituencies. Briefly a substitute delegate to the BC NDP provincial council. Supporter and campaign worker for the B.C. First Party, notably Delta by-election in about 2002.  Supporter and volunteer for No side in B.C.’s referendum on Harmonized Sales Tax.
Numerous other activities, eg B.A. from University of B.C. in 1972 with majors in Political Science and English.

What is the main issue in your riding?

There is more than one main issue. Certainly near the top is the desire to rid B.C. of a Liberal regime that has become inept, deceitful and corrupt.  But there also is a strong desire for policies that will create jobs, grow the economy, increase well-being and share prosperity more widely.

How have you made a difference in your community?

Through my work in print, radio and television I have made contributions on many issues as well as taken direct action for the Campbellton Neighbourhood Association, also assisting the good works of numerous other groups such as Greenways Lands Trust, Campbell River Chamber of Commerce, Museum at  Campbell River, Maritime Heritage Centre, Citizens for Quality Health Care

Who is one person who has made a positive difference in your life?

There have been numerous people at different times and in different ways but especially my grandmother, Rubina Twigg, my father, Arthur Twigg, and my mother, Betty Twigg. All of whom built my character and taught me the power of diction.

Why did you decide to run in this election?

The urgent need for British Columbia to adopt a radical new policy agenda in order to better shelter the Province and its people from the many social, political, economic and fiscal shocks that are sure to come in the next decade or so and already are coming, such as President Donald Trump’s radical shifts in trade policy [B.C. should have had a transparent log-trading system long long ago and it did have open log markets until Gordon Campbell killed them as a sop to major forest companies], major shifts in European politics, wars and rumours of wars in the Middle East and Asia as well as technological changes and yes even climate changes [most of which are driven by natural variations].
In particular I want B.C. to revive the Bank of B.C., issue a new currency without displacing the C$ and US$, take back control of B.C. Investment Management Corp. and make its $100-billion-plus of assets transparent and audited, hold inquiries into how to repair B.C. Hydro and ICBC, create a Ministry of Marine Affairs, take jurisdiction of inshore waters and aquaculture (including fish farms), export surplus fresh water in bulk via auctions (to circumvent NAFTA), expand B.C. Ferries and roll back fares and add a new crossing from Vancouver Island via a short bridge to Gabriola Island and a very short sail to Iona Island and add a rapid-transit connection to YVR and Vancouver’s SkyTrain network, and many other innovative ideas viewable on www.bcfirst.ca and www.johntwigg.com .

What is your favourite food?

Dare I say, reporters who ask inane questions? ; ) After that it’s sushi, dim sum, rare steak, smokies, chocolate chip cookies and many other fresh, made in B.C. products.